1 thought on “Where can I buy my favorite silver ring in Beijing?”

  1. First of all, it depends on which grade and silver ring you want to buy. If you want to buy cheap ordinary style silver rings, Beijing City can be seen everywhere:nBasic stores, small silver trim shops, wholesale shops, and even stalls can buy the silver rings you need, but although the silver rings in these placesnCheap, but it is full of counterfeit and rotten silver rings. You need to wake up twelve points of spirit when buying, and don't be cheap. Near FuchengmennThere are a large number of such silver rings of Tianzhao Tianzhao small commodity jewelry near Xicheng West Four. If you want to buy a better style independentnSpecial and fashionable brand silver rings, especially foreign brands, need to go to large shopping malls or brand stores. Beijing Financial StreetnNearly Parkson, Xidan Dayue City, Wangfujing Dongfang Plaza and the shopping malls of China Trade Mall are all places with many silver jewelry brands, you can choosenTo the silver ring with different styles and styles, you can also buy the latest silver rings of the world's top silver jewelry brand. Although the prices of these places are a bit expensiven, But the genuine price is guaranteed and guaranteed, and it is worth it.nOnline shopping is also very popular. Beijing's Yinku is a website that has just launched recently.nThe brand and style are not inferior to the silver rings of the well -known shopping mall in Beijing, and the price is cheaper. You can definitely buy your favorite silver ring.

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