5 thoughts on “How can I find a diamond ring number no805018590?”

  1. Query method:
    1. Inquiries at the National Gold Diamond Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center /zhengshu.asp/sp/ric, fill in the corresponding certificate number and verification code in the left side of the figure below.

  2. The number of the landlord may generally be the product coding of the merchant, which is not found online. Only by identifying the certificate code on the Internet can you query the relevant information of the product. In fact, choosing a reputation guarantee, the merchant with complete after -sales service is the upper strategy. Can you find out or find out what?

  3. This number is the number of goods within the merchant, which is not much substantial for consumers.
    In general, diamonds will have a diamond certificate. The international authoritative is the GIA certificate and the domestic NGTC certificate. These two certificates will have the unique mark of laser laser on the waist of the diamond from 0.3CT. Ordinary consumers need professional instruments to see.
    It if you want to query this diamond ring, check the diamond certificate given by the merchant, you can check it.

  4. There will be codes on the diamond certificate you bought. There is an official website behind the certificate. You can enter the information of the diamond. This query method is to check the diamond and the certificate information. Oily pens are scratched on the surface of the diamond. If the surface leaves clear line diamonds on the surface is a real diamond imitation product, there will be broken lines, and you can go to re -check.

  5. Open the website of the State Quality Supervision Bureau for inquiry.
    It is not found on the Internet. You can only query the product's relevant information on the Internet. However, the only information on the Internet is the same as the information on the certificate.
    The choice of a reputation guarantee, and the complete after -sales service merchants are the best strategies.
    It hope to help you.

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