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  1. The towel is a daily necessities that we get up early every day. Soft towels are better for our skin. So, what brand of towels are better? What are the towel brands? Next, I sorted out the top ten brands of towels for everyone, hoping to help you buy towels.
    This brand rankings:
    1. Jie Liya: China’s well -known trademark, China Famous Brand, China 500 Most Valuable Brand, Fortune 500 Chinese Private Enterprises, Jeeliya Group.
    2. Golden towel: Chinese famous brand, famous trademark in Shandong Province, China’s top ten towel brands, Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.
    3. Furi towels: Chinese famous brand, towel ten brands, stable quality enterprises exported products nationwide, Furi Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    4. Yuguang towels: China’s well -known trademark, Chinese famous brand, China’s most competitive brand, national enterprise technology center, Yuguang Co., Ltd..
    5. Three -lit towels: China’s well -known trademark, first -tier brand/brand, large private enterprise group, Hebei Sanli Group Co., Ltd..
    6. Xiyingmen: China’s well -known trademark, China Famous Brand, China’s Famous Brand of China Textile Industry, Famous Brand of Shandong Province, Qingdao Xiyingmen Group Co., Ltd.
    7. magpie towel: Chinese famous brand, provincial enterprise technology center, best credit enterprise in Fujian Province, Fujian Longyan magpie textile Co., Ltd..
    8. Yongliang towel: well -known Chinese brand, famous brand product in Hebei Province, Shanghai Yongliang Textile Co., Ltd..
    9. Double light towels: Chinese famous brand, well -known trademark in China, ten big towel brands, Zhejiang brand -name products, Zhejiang Shuangliang Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    10. Yunye Yuntao: China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brands of Towels, Shandong Oblude Top 100 Enterprises, Zibo Yuntao Textile Group.
    How is the types of towels:
    1. Cut the fluff towels
    The wool ring of ordinary towels is cut to make the surface of the fabric covered with flat fluff. Cut the velvet, you can also cut the velvet one side, and the other side is still a coil. It can also be coexisting to form a pattern in a poured like a linker. The characteristics of cutting down towels are soft, comfortable to use, and stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels. After cutting the velvet, printing can increase the decorative beauty of the towel, thereby increasing the product grade.
    2. Tister towels
    The yarn with different tissues, different colors or raw materials are woven to various patterns on the jets. This towel tissue structure is complicated, the pattern is delicate and delicate, and the color is gorgeous. The fiber raw materials, yarn fineness, fabric tissue structure, and latitude and weft density have a wide range of changes, and their design and weaving techniques are also complicated.
    3. Antibacterial towels
    otibilized towels use cotton yarn containing Jiefute antibacterial factor or towels treated with silver -based antibacterial agents. Function, the sterilization performance of more than 100 times can still reach 94-98%. Even under the condition of humidity and warmth, this towel will not be moldy and smelly. At the same time, it has anti -mites -proof bacteriostatic effects. It is a new type of sanitary nursing towel.
    The above is the question of the towel brands, how much the types of towels, and the material of the towel rack. According to the characteristics of different materials, through comparison of other advantages and disadvantages, you must have the material in your heart. This question must have your own answer, thank you for your reference.

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