When you meet a gift on the road to help you scan the code, do you care?

Every time I go out and play, I will encounter a lot of gifts at the subway entrance. Sometimes I really do n’t want it. Others come forward to stop you for helping you, saying that if you do a few part -time jobs, you will complete the task. It ’s very distressed to refuse and feel that everyone will make money.

5 thoughts on “When you meet a gift on the road to help you scan the code, do you care?”

  1. I might look at this mood. If you are in a good mood or someone who is looking for me to help, such as a very beautiful little girl, I think I may help scan it, and there are small gifts, and I feel very happy in my mood. Of course, if sometimes people are wretched, or if they don't feel good, I will refuse.

  2. I think, if you encounter this situation, do n’t scan the code blindly. After all, some are some of them. It ’s because of the task of completing the traffic. If you scan the code, your own property is lost, so in order to avoid this situation that you encounter such a person who helps you to scan the code, then you just refuse to refuse. After all, your property will be Only pay attention by yourself. Because the code scanning is too dangerous now.

  3. I think young people should not be, and they should not be greedy for a little cheap.
    For the gifts of these few dollars, your personal information is leaked, and it may even be a Trojan horse virus.
    It is not bad for these dollars.

  4. I am honored to answer your question, in the downtown, or when you meet a gift to help you scan the code on the street, I generally do not like this.
    Because of the limited time of your own, you are busy doing things yourself. Therefore, it will not waste your time in these irrelevant things. In addition, because there are many people who are under the banner of various banners, there is no wrong heart to prevent people. Thank you.

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