Digital RMB currency wallets have begun to promote. What is the significance of promoting digital currency?

5 thoughts on “Digital RMB currency wallets have begun to promote. What is the significance of promoting digital currency?”

  1. The promotion of digital renminbi is more like turning paper -based RMB into currency used in the people's daily life, catering to this demand for people's use of mobile phones, but unlike the application payment software we use A middleman to change our currency does not need to change their account balance through them.
    D digital RMB is equivalent to the banknotes in our hands deposited in the mobile phone, but there is no intermediate institution, that is, when you mobile payment, you have to use the balance of this payment platform, or in other words, or in other words You bind the balance of the bank card, but now the digital RMB is to turn the cash in your hand into an irreplaceable mobile phone. Freedom transactions can be performed in each other, and it does not have the so -called networking problem.
    It is to better control the monetary rights. In the hands of the control department, although the mobile payment is not low, the mobile payment is all personal enterprises. Although these large individual companies do Mobile payment must be supervised by the relevant departments, but it is better to do it by yourself anyway. After all, although the mobile payment sounds safe now, if there is really a big economic crisis emotional fluctuation, you want to take this money to withdraw this money. There will be an exclusive phenomenon when you come out. If you can't get it out, you will bring a bank to bring problems with the entire financial industry.
    In use of digital RMB, there are already some places across the country that have begun to implement. You can try it. Digital renminbi, because they have not heard this kind of thing, it is just a pilot operation. It is estimated that it is really possible after this trial for a period of time. It will be promoted large -scale and will gradually replace mobile payment, because mobile payment has not been affected. The recognition of developed countries abroad is to feel that this thing does not bring a sense of security, which proves that he is more or less problematic, and we cannot be blind and confident.
    Wen mobile payment we usually use, he is transferred to another person’s hands through the bank or through this application payment platform. There is another intermediary platform in the middle, so even if he is highly popular now, he still has a certain risk. If it is a model similar to banknotes in the exchange of banknotes, there is no risk of any intermediate institution.

  2. First of all, digital RMB is real -name, so it cannot escape money laundering and tax avoidance; secondly, the cost of currency issuance and circulation has been reduced; and finally increases competitiveness.

  3. The biggest significance of promoting digital currencies is to bring us a good economic benefit, and this currency brings us this market is also very broad and can get high returns.

  4. Digital currencies will bring us more faster. Do not worry about the heavy cash problem, which is also of great significance to promote social and economic development.

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