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  1. The use of mobile payment is already very common in people's lives, but existing mobile payment service institutions have always had some restrictions and hidden dangers. Under the social and economic needs of the new era, digital renminbi came into being, and it was continuously promoted.
    D digital RMB newly added three sub -wallet digital RMB APPs on May 8th. In this update, the online merchant bank in the wallet operation institution has presented a available state. This also represents the establishment of diplomatic relations between workers and peasants. After the six major state -owned banks of the postal savings, online banking has become the seventh bank to participate in the public test pilot.
    Ad digital renminbi promotion rhythm is accelerating. In addition to online merchant banks joining the public test pilot, the number of six major state -owned banks, the RMB wallet has added the three words of wallets, the Hema Fresh and Tmall Supermarket, Even some Alipay users can see the digital RMB function entrance on their personal pages.
    D digital RMB promotion and use is a major trend, which will make our lives more convenient. From the beginning of digital renminbi, the Internet has always been full of doubts. However, as the official network currency, Digital RMB has two most important advantages compared with our ordinary mobile payment service agencies. One is digital RMB. It can be traded without the network, and the second is that digital RMB does not require service fees.
    , as a digital currency launched by the state, digital RMB does not count on interest, and has non -profit characteristics. It is pursuing the maximum social benefits and welfare.
    In this networked era, the promotion and use of digital RMB is already a major trend. It can be used in people's lives. After digital renminbi, life will become more convenient. Even if there is no network, mobile payment can still be used, which is good news for some groups.
    At the same time, as the official digital currency, its safety and stability are trustworthy. For ordinary people, the promotion of digital RMB can not only bring some benefits to our lives, but also make people feel more at ease during use. This is undoubtedly a good thing.
    If at this stage, the use of digital RMB is still a small scope. It takes a certain amount of time to promote it. We will eventually adapt to the use of digital RMB for consumption in life.
    In fact, for ordinary people's lives, as long as you can still use mobile payment, there is not much difference who provides this service. Everyone is enjoying the convenience brought by the era of networked, but the hidden dangers behind them need to be handled and resolved by professional departments.
    D digital renminbi is the general trend, and the future promotion rhythm should be further accelerated.

  2. Digital RMB access to Alipay: Are you hungry, Hema, and Tmall three sub -wallet

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  3. Is it hungry? Hema Xiansheng, three sub -wallets of Tmall Supermarket, provided a lot of convenience for people, and also provided a lot of convenience in payment.

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