Navigating with Precision: The ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

The ID510 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller offers unmatched precision in mobility. Designed for enhanced control and reliability, it features advanced communication options, dynamic speed adjustments, and robust safety protocols, ideal for personal and medical mobility enhancements.


The ID510 series marks a technological evolution in wheelchair controllers, brought forth by the innovative efforts at Rotontek. This line of DC brushless controllers is tailored specifically for wheelchair applications, aiming to provide users with a seamless and empowering navigation experience.

Product Overview

The ID510 series is designed for users demanding reliable and precise control over their mobility devices. These controllers manage brushless DC motors, providing smooth operation and enhanced control features that contribute to a superior mobility experience in various environments.


Feature Specification
Motor Type Brushless DC Motors
Voltage Compatibility 24V, 36V, 48V
Maximum Output Current 70A
Efficiency >90%
Control Modes Speed, torque, acceleration control
Communication Protocols CAN, USB, Bluetooth
Safety Mechanisms Overload protection, emergency braking
User Interface LED diagnostic display, multi-function joystick
Enclosure IP54 rated for dust and water resistance
Dimensions 180mm x 140mm x 70mm

Key Advantages

  • Dynamic Control: Offers dynamic adjustment of speed and torque, catering to different user needs and situations.
  • Robust Communication: Facilitates easy connectivity with peripheral devices for monitoring and control.
  • High Durability: Engineered with a durable casing and protected against environmental factors.

Design and Performance Superiority

The ID510 series features a compact, ergonomically designed housing that is easy to install and operate. The sophisticated software programming offers intuitive control, minimizing the learning curve for new users while providing advanced options for seasoned users.


  • Personal Mobility: Primarily used in powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Enables patient mobility with ease and safety within and around medical facilities.
  • Outdoor Use: Suitable for users who navigate both indoor and outdoor terrains.

Despite its many advantages, users may find the initial customization options complex, which can require a careful setup to fully optimize the controller's capabilities.

In summary, the ID510 series from Rotontek revolutionizes wheelchair mobility with advanced technology designed to offer freedom and independence to its users. Its high efficiency, coupled with user-focused design and robust capabilities, makes it an essential upgrade for modern electric wheelchairs and other mobility aids.


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