Where can Ningbo recover the diamond ring?

I have a ring to sell, 1 carato.

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  1. There are many places where diamond ring can be recycled. It is recommended to compare the price of a few more.
    The influencing factors of the recovery price of diamond ring:
    ⑴ Diamond recycling price, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond (carat weight, color, clarity, cutting) and whether fluorescence, etc., instead of considering the brand, etc. factor. If it is a GIA certificate, the diamond recycling price will be higher.
    In general, the recovery price of the one-carat diamond ring is not low, generally about 20-80,000.
    : The recycling price of the pretty tray depends on what material it is. At present, the mainstream trace material is: platinum and 18K gold. The recovery price is mainly affected by gold prices.

  2. Diamond recycling is not very valuable, see the integrity of diamonds! If you recycle it, there are special recycling, and it is also possible to be a pawn!
    I have two suggestions
    1. If you look at it at home, you can go online to find the brand
    2. If you want to see the real thing A diamond ring is good
    . For example, I do Zaki Diamond Kobyn Kintai Diamond Diamond Diamond n, take Jin Taifu
    Wholesale and sales are one of the merchants who are engaged in diamond network sales in Hong Kong and mainland China. His family is an O2O sales model combined with "physical stores and online stores". Jin Taifu diamonds pursue simple and fashionable, creating jewelry with oriental culture and art, so that there are lovers in the world to have a unique Cupid diamond jewelry to witness their eternal love. So it will be much cheaper to buy his brand jewelry!
    This brands can be seen on Tmall ~
    If to go to the physical store, it is best to find their official website address and find the physical store in your area to try it directly
    I am more lazy to buy on Tmall
    The typing is so tired and I hope to adopt ~~

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