5 thoughts on “What are the primary school prizes to buy?”

  1. 1. Funny storage tank
    This money storage tank is also very meaningful for elementary school students. For primary school students who are growing up, it is an important period for cultivating good habits and personality. Therefore, sending money tanks can also allow them to spontaneously restrain themselves and develop good habits of diligence and thrift.
    2, diary/cutting book
    although a diary is a not expensive gift, it can record the child's special thoughts and memories. She can add pictures, interesting borders, decoration, and writing more ideas. This gift can be saved permanently!
    3, puzzle toys
    For children, puzzle toys will not look too valuable, and it is beneficial to children's intellectual development and emotional intelligence improvement. Not only toys, but also many small things that are educated, such gifts are also very helpful for children's growth and progress.
    4, Katie cat weaving machine
    . It is a simple sweater tool that can train children's hand -eye coordination, enhance children's thinking enlightenment and exercise skills, especially for children's coordination performance. Improve, make some small objects such as weaving hats and gloves with the wool, which can not only improve the child's interest, but also let the child do meaningful things.
    5, marshmallow machine
    The child likes to eat sweet, but eating marshmallow outside always feels that you don't worry about sugar and hygiene problems. One -click safety switch and safety adsorption chassis make it worry -free. Combined with healthy sugar powder of different colors to create large -scale large marshmallows of different styles.

  2. The following can be used for reference:
    1, high -quality pens, you can encourage the winning students to use a pen and write a good text.
    2, exquisite notebooks, you can encourage the award -winning students to practice more pens and get greater progress.
    3. The more positive fable story readers can stimulate their writing inspiration and more love for writing.
    The gift for elementary school sisters
    The first, customized gifts, like customized pillows, blessings on it, can be printed with their blessings.
    It, you can give a set of clothes. Little girls generally like things, but I think the fifth grade of elementary school, send a watch for her small gadgets, the price should not be too expensive, after all, it is also a student? Essence
    Third, you can buy children's clothes, or buy a car. If there are many things, if you do it yourself, if you do it yourself. This is a lot, but you can make it yourself, as long as a small gift in her heart, she will like it.

  3. Prize for primary school students:

    1, student stationery and reference book:
    stationery box, pen bag, book cover, pen, oil painting stick, etc.
    2, schoolbags:
    First, reward the schoolbags of outstanding students, don't be too cartoon. Second, don't be too big, otherwise it is not suitable for students like a travel package. It's not suitable for too gorgeous and too dark colors.
    3. Student extracurricular book:
    It is not recommended to buy famous books, it is difficult for primary school students to understand. Even if the word understands and the sentence understands, it is difficult for them to read the author's intention.

    The students are the flowers of the motherland. Giving gifts is not valuable, but in the weight of the influence. It can play a gift that enlighten, think, and affect spiritual civilization.

  4. You can buy school supplies commonly used by elementary school students, such as more exquisite notebooks, or novel styles of multi -function pens. If it is a book, it is recommended that the teacher engraved a seal with encouragement and reward words, printed on the title page. This will distinguish the book that the children bought by ordinary parents. The child will have a sense of honor by getting prizes!

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