How to choose a low -end entry -level jewelry of luxury brands?

One thought on “How to choose a low -end entry -level jewelry of luxury brands?”

  1. The entry series of advanced jewelry brands is usually small in style and does not use large precious gems, so the price is relatively approachable. However, these jewelery design is in the same vein in the artistic taste, so it can often produce "explosive models" and endure lasting.
    Horimason not only has a prohibitive diamond, this lucky pendant series is also worth recommending, that is, we often say Charms, with the theme of travel, the picked camellia and Dusseldorf picked by Japan, the Japanese picked by Japan. The clowns recorded by the camera during the carnival ... all turned into small pieces of platinum or 18K gold, and recorded every beautiful moment in life.
    pearl necklace. The feeling of pearls is like us Chinese. We are humble and elegant, do not like it, it is full and round, with its own luster. When we wear it in hand, it seems that it does not seem to be very conspicuous, but it will have a shiny place on the surface. It will shine under the sun. When pearl and gold jewelry are stacked, Chaofan is full. Wearing pearl jewelry, you will find that you will involuntarily get up. Pearls will decorate people very delicately, and they are also very suitable for diligence. Because there are many categories of pearls, the price is also ranging.

    Golden jewelry. Gold has always been a symbol of expensive. Now the design of gold jewelry is more young, and the light of the same gold jewelry is also very eye -catching. Especially with a black T -shirt, make simple wear become advanced.
    cholé Pig bag, the first luxury bag in life, the piglet can be ranked in the top three. The shape of this bag is very distinctive, and there are many colors. Whether it is classic black, low -key gray, or gorgeous contrast, people are unprepared, and the chance of colliding the bag is relatively low. After all, the choice can be selected. There are too many colors.

    lulu bag is one of the classic Saint Laurent, which is suitable for everyone who goes to the streets of European and American streets. The audience of this bag is relatively narrow, and the girls carrying the Lulu bag are rare, and the possibility of hitting the bag is almost zero.

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