The global hot! A planetary crisis is near

Global warming has become a major concern for governments and policy makers around the world. Since the 1990s, Al Gore has been the first to put climate change on the table and call for an immediate change, through international and domestic measures and policies to control pollution and deterioration through carbon taxes, environmental audits, and credit controls.

Elon Musk has warned of the huge consequences of global warming and pollution. For decades, as a result of the strengthening of industrial regulation, the industrial products of Western countries began to shift from our country to foreign countries, and then to India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and a number of other fast growing economies. As industrialisation moves from developed to developing countries, historic industrial hotspots such as London, the UK and Detroit are being transformed into new mega-cities such as Wangzhou, Mumbai, Hanoi and Dhaka. Of course, this has also led to the deterioration of environmental conditions in some developing countries.

The environmental situation is made worse by the lack of government policies and environmental enforcement. In fact, cities like Mumbai are often ranked among the world's biggest polluters, largely because of the intensity of local industries, and some emerging countries have taken sustainable steps, including shifting from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources like nuclear, solar and wind. In order to promote sustainable development, the Government encourages the production and procurement of hybrid and electric vehicles to promote sustainable development, the transfer of industry from cities and towns to the countryside, and research and development of alternative energy sources 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá.

But far from enough, Musk warned of a looming danger, as the increasing use of destructive fossil fuels such as coal and oil turns carbon dioxide from cars, ships, machines and factories into exhaust fumes, making Earth's air more polluted and hotter, fueling global warming and more natural disasters. This creates greenhouse gases, which store heat in the air. This accumulation of excess heat heats up the Earth's atmosphere, causing a rise in temperature known as "global warming", so we must curb the "stink"!

Musk warned that as fossil fuels continue to be consumed, people must switch to sustainable sources of energy. By switching to sustainable energy sources such as electricity, solar and wind, industries and residential areas will significantly reduce carbon emissions and help cool the planet. An important result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases is to reduce the reflection of solar energy. As glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic melt, the Earth will become less reflective, changing its color and absorbing more solar radiation, exacerbating the global temperature rise.

As carbon dioxide builds up, temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic will rise and glaciers will melt. This means that as liquid water changes to water, instead of solid ice, the Earth will warm further. Because ice is a natural reflection, it is naturally absorbed by water. The Arctic Ocean will disappear completely within 15 years, which will not only raise the global temperature, but also raise the global sea level, so that the Netherlands, Denmark and other low-lying areas in the north will suffer serious soil erosion.

In addition, many species face extinction, of which critically important species such as polar bears, Arctic foxes, and seals will face even greater threats in the near future. In particular, sea level rise can lead to sea level rise of tens or even hundreds of meters. If the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets completely recede, about a third of the world's coastal population will be at risk of losing their homes, and if current emissions are not changed, humanity's survival will be threatened. Cities like Miami, Florida, could lose 30 to 70 percent of their land by 2100.

Similarly, another factor in sea level rise is the increased risk of hurricanes, typhoons and other storms that derive energy from warmer waters. Storms are likely to increase in frequency and intensity. Indeed, the United States alone has experienced several severe hurricanes in the past few decades. The United States uses a scale called the Simpson Safer Category, which ranks hurricanes on a scale of 1 to 5.

5113177d770d3bb858d26e4df692c114Some of the worst Atlantic hurricanes in the past few decades have been Mitch, Ivan, Katrina, Wilma, Matthew, Irma, Maria, Michael. In addition to the harm to global temperatures, the environment, wildlife and flora, climate change will have a detrimental impact on our lives. Because crops and plants require a certain amount of sun, wind, and rain, changes in the balance can reduce crop yields, reduce nutritional value, or even fail to grow at all. If too little or too much rain leads to crop losses, hunger will spread not just to farmers but elsewhere.

Musk has made a decision about this phenomenon. After all, we can see the general plan from his industry. Musk's ventures include Tesla's electric cars, solar power at Solar City, high-speed, efficient underground tunnels built by drilling companies, and even recyclable rockets.

Similarly, Musk was scathing about people who ignore or outright deny climate change, joking that "how do people who spend their days in air-conditioned rooms know that the planet is warming?" In the US, California is the first state to propose tradable and regulated carbon allowances for cars and car manufacturers. The state's tough policy was soon endorsed by 12 countries, including the European Union and China.

Electric car sales in the United States are currently the world's third largest economy, accounting for 18%, while China accounts for 44%, followed by Europe, accounting for 24% of the total amount of $340 billion electric car sales in the world, only 15% of the investment in the United States. This is largely due to the former President Donald Trump not putting the focus on climate change. But thanks to Biden's plan to "rebuild better laws," America's world situation will change.

Over the next few years, $555 billion will be poured into clean renewable energy in the United States, along with increased restrictions on transportation and federal greenhouse gas emissions, giving a big boost to electric cars. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we must do more to reduce our CO2 emissions and improve our living environment in response to the negative impacts of climate change.

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