wholesale silver indian jewelry Which one has been a currency in Bei and Conch

wholesale silver indian jewelry

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  1. wholesale body jewelry tattoo supplies Beidang over currency. The earliest currency used in China was shell coins, and its evolution had two stages. The natural shell was used in the previous stage, which is called a cargo shell, which belongs to the physical currency stage and prevails in the Shang Dynasty.
    The second stage is the use of copper shells, called copper shells, and started in the end of the business. The emergence of copper shells created the precedent of my country's metal coin.
    The origin of the shell coin
    The history book said that Xia Zhi Zhi is a currency. Bei is a water bug. Most of Xia Shang's goods are purple cloud shells produced in the southeast coast. The quality is as thin as jade, the back spots are cloud patterns, and the abdominal grooves have teeth. Therefore, the shell characters in Oracle are all used as the image of teeth.
    The goods are usually calculated by friends. Ten or twenty cargo shellfish are skewed in one skewers, two skewers are one friend. " Records.
    Merebrated shell coins unearthed in the tombs of nobles in the later period of the Shang Dynasty, as many as 6,000, shows the prevalence of shell coins at that time. From the word shell, it proves that the wealth and commodity exchange of society at that time are related to the shell coins.

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