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    The legal entities in Serbia can be established -private or legal person, no matter what their nationality. The establishment of a commercial entity in Serbia is the same to everyone, and there is no restriction or special conditions for the original country.

    In addition, except that shareholders can come from any country in the world, even the company's legal representatives do not have to be Serbian citizens. Therefore, there may be a variety of structural changes -shareholders and directors are foreigners, shareholders are non -residents, residents are directors, residents are shareholders, and non -residents are directors.
    Therefore, when establishing a company, you can freely grant the founding and managing role to anyone you choose. However, according to the legal basis for hiring these people, they are obliged to obtain temporary residence and work permits in Serbia.
    1) Choose the appropriate legal form for you

    The "Company Law" stipulates that the company's form of Serbia is a limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as LLC), joint -stock company, ordinary partnership company and limited limited Partnership.
    The difference between the types of these companies, the basic characteristics are:
    1.1. Limited liability company (DOO)
    According to the "Company Law", LLC represents a company, one of which or or or Members of multiple companies are shareholders of the company's share capital. Generally speaking, shareholders do not bear any responsibility for the company's obligations. More precisely, they only take responsibility for the shares investing in the company. However, if shareholders abuse shareholders' limited liability rules for company obligations, they will bear responsibility. In most cases, LLC is a company with few members and less members.
    In their share in the company, members can manage the company's profits and decide whether to allocate between them. LLC is usually a company with a small amount of shared capital and a few members -shareholders. This form of legal entity is suitable for small and medium -sized enterprises.
    1.2. Stock company (AD)
    The share capital of the company is divided into shares. Essence
    For example, the bank's share capital must be higher than 10.000.000,000 euros when the bank is exchanged.

    The shares of the company can be owned by one or more individuals. It generally indicates that it is registered, the registration office and settlement in the Central Securities Registration Office.
    The shareholders as the company's shareholders' meeting, the number of votes is equal to the number of shares they own.
    1.3. Limited partnership (KD)
    The limited partnership company represents a mixture of a shared capital company and ordinary partnerships, because some members of the company bear limited liability for the company's obligations, and Other members bear unlimited responsibilities and are responsible for all their assets. Although the "Period" specifies this legal form, there is almost no legal entity formed in this way.
    1.4. Ordinary partnerships (OD)
    The members of ordinary partnership companies are partners, and they are responsible and obliged to the company's obligations. This company form exists only when at least two partners are registered as the founder. All the decisions of the company and partners are made together.
    Is should I set up a new company or can I buy an empty shell company?
    For those who want to operate quickly, the best way is to have the opportunity to buy a company that has been established for this purpose. This can avoid complex and time -consuming government working hours and bank procedures and save time and money.
    2) Select the appropriate company name for your company
    The business name for the business name registered in the business registration agency (hereinafter referred to as "BRA"). When choosing an enterprise name, it is important to follow certain rules. That's because the company name that does not meet the law cannot be registered, which is usually the reason why the registration of Serbia is rejected.

    a) Company Name = Name Legal Form Registered Office Address
    B) The name of the company must be written in Serbian, Silier or Latin letters
    The letters are Latin letters, as well as writing the name of the company name in the establishment of a bill and the company's registration application. In these two cases, the name of the enterprise must be written in the same script and uses the same size title. The difference between the two behaviors in this regard is the reason for rejection of the application!
    c) The name of the enterprise can be written in foreign languages, which can include foreign words or characters. You can write in English in English, or it can include Rome and Arabic numerals
    d) Or similar!
    The business name of the company must be different from the business name of another company, so as not to cause confusion between the two companies. If the name of the same or similar company is registered, the registration application will be rejected! In addition, even if the registration is successful, the newly established company may be sued by another company with similar business names.
    3) Registered business address
    During the establishment and registered company of BRA, the company's address must be registered.
    but few addresses are necessary. We will explain each address in the order of priority:
    3.1. Business address

    This is the most important address of the enterprise entity Essence In addition, it is also included in the company's business name, so it is one of the first thing to determine in the process of establishing a company.

    It's aspects of procedural, strategic and legal, it is also important because it is also a factor in determining the judicial jurisdiction of courts.

    3.2. Mailing address

    If the company does not actually receive mail from the business address, then a separate mail address is required.
    3.3. Email address

    According to the amendments to the "Company Law" in 2018, all legal entities must register their email address.

    3.4. Virtual seat address

    Today, many people work as a free identity. Traditional business registration form does not seem to be necessary.

    Why do you promise a space? Why do you sign a new unnecessary contract with the landlord or real estate seller? Does your company need to bear this cost?
    We we understand this. It is in these circumstances that you can choose to register a virtual office in Serbia as a formal company address.
    The virtual office in Serbia actually represents a series of services that virtual seat providers provide and take over to your company. By providing these services in the virtual address, the purpose of the company's address can be achieved.
    The service of Serbian Virtual Office provides users with the necessary company addresses, the possibility of occasional use of sufficient office space, receiving company mail, registering phone number, and answering calls to the company through filtering and forwarding messages.
    4) Drafting the Organization Articles of Association
    The composition of the charter charter is the form of each limited liability company. People are the founders of the limited liability company
    . 'Association Constitution -if several people are the founders of a limited liability company
    Is when drafting the organizational articles of association of the limited liability company, please remember all Obligation elements:
    The name, residence and personal identity card number/foreigner (natural person) passport number, or company name, local registered number (legal person) -LLC member
    LLC company The name of the name and the main business activity of the location of the place nLLC
    LLC's total amount
    The currency deposit amount or financial value of each member of the limited liability company, and the description of non -currency deposits
    The time of the company's share capital
    LLC's share of each LLC member, at a% representation
    determines the institution and its permissions of the limited liability company
    bear. However, unless the organizational charter outline has other regulations, the founders will have to bear these costs. Therefore, we recommend that the founders will bear these fees and the right to repay the cost of setting up the cost to the company in MOA.
    Remarks on MOA content:

    The equity of a limited liability company
    The company, including a limited liability company, is the cash value of members subscribed by members. "Solidity donation" refers to the amount of membership registration, and members are obliged to subscribe/register donation.
    Conal can be cash or physical (only physical and rights), and is represented by RSD currency. The minimum amount of registered shares (currency and non -currency) is 100.00 RSD, unless the law stipulates higher amounts.
    When the company was established, members did not need to subscribe/register their donations, but only needed to enter its amount. However, it is necessary to stipulate the deadline for subscribing/registration donations in MOA, 5 years from the date of effect on MOA.
    If you want to pay the equity when setting up a company, you must deposit the equity into the bank's temporary account before submitting the company's registration application to the agency. The bank will then issue a certificate to confirm that you have already deposited the equity capital, which is submitted with the submission of the company's registration application to the agency. After the institutional releases the company's registration decision, the company's bank account needs to be opened, and the bank transferred the previously subscribed share capital from the temporary account to the account.
    The company company governance
    When the establishment of a limited liability company, the founder decided to (according to their decision) the company's corporate governance is one or two layers.
    The first -level company governance = one or more representatives (the most common is the general manager) management company
    two -level company governance = one or more manager supervisory board
    5) Notarization LLC founding The signature of a person on MOA and submit the LLC registered file

    "Company Law" stipulates that the signature of the founder needs to be notarized. This can be performed in the notary office.

    The application to submit your application to register with BRA
    LLC registration procedure is completed in BRA through a counter registration system. CN)
    Tax numbers (TIN)
    In health insurance numbers, issued by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)
    This first submitted registration application and attached documents, which can be directly in BRA in Belgrade The location of the BRA is completed or through the email. The founder or founder authorizes the file.
    The deadline for submitting the registration application is 15 days from the date when MOA takes effect. Unless it is part of the founding bill, it is necessary to register the decision to appoint the company's representatives and/or the supervisory committee during the period.
    Filling and notarizing the OP table

    In order to deal with the funds in the bank account you will open according to the following steps, you need to fill in the so -called "OP table", that is, the notarized signature sign of the authorized representative representative You can download the table online to complete it easily.
    OP forms are filled in, the company's representatives need to sign at the notary office, and then notarize the notary office.
    Coor founders often want to know how many times they need to appear in the whole process of establishing a company. This is especially important for those who don't live in Serbia.
    Therefore, the founder's presentation can be avoided, which makes the whole process very convenient, and interested people can complete it quickly. In fact, every step of the process can be completed by a lawyer authorized by the authorized letter
    6) Opening the company's bank account

    In after BRA's registration of LLC, you need to choose you to choose The bank opened the company's bank account.

    The procedures for opening a bank account set up by the company set up by a company set up in Serbia, because in addition to the documents listed, they also need to submit additional documents (the personal identity of the legal person's final owner and the founder of the company Certificate documents), the form is the excerpt of the register of the competent authority and the creation of the company's founder). The complexity of the program shows that in practice, it is necessary to hire a lawyer to avoid making mistakes.
    7) What do you need to do after the company's registration

    What is the purpose of when your business plan starts or establishes the company, once the legal person's entity registration, mandatory legal specifications are applicable to every registration in registration The theme.

    You guessed, this is the obligation of the tax authority.
    Therefore, within 15 days after BRA registration, the entity must submit its first tax application, called prepaid tax application. In addition to the purpose of applying for and registering new entities in tax authorities, the purpose of this prepaid taxation obligation is to subjectively evaluate the company's potential profits in the first year of starting a business. The evaluation is a factor that determines the company's tax obligations that year.
    not everyone should understand the procedures of the tax authority, so it is always recommended that you seek professional assistance. Especially because of electronic signatures, it is essential to submit tax applications and many other steps for the establishment and business in Serbia.
    The last step of the establishment of the company is the registration of everyone in the end. The company has the obligation to register within 15 days after the company was established.

    In order to register the final beneficiary, the general manager must obtain an electronic signature from one of the certification agencies in Serbia. After that, by using electronic signatures, the event of the beneficiary must be registered in the central record of the beneficiary of the beneficiary of the beneficiary of everyone in the Serbian business registration agency.
    8) Optional: Making seals
    According to the current law, the company no longer needs to use seals in its business behavior. Therefore, this is not a compulsory step, but an extra possibility that the founder can use. According to the rules, the company uses seal.

    It another company in Serbia is an entrepreneur.
    The advantage of business as an entrepreneur is simple, mainly during the establishment and business operation.
    I registered entrepreneur procedures are much easier than setting up a limited liability company, and the cost is much lower.
    Servia Business Registration (hereinafter referred to as: SBRA) also allows entrepreneurs to register online. Although they can establish a single member and multi -member limited liability company, they are more complicated than establishing an entrepreneur company.
    The main advantage is that as an entrepreneur, no matter how the scope of activity and the income you generate (up to a certain amount), one -time taxation is possible.
    In addition, compared with the procedures of closing a limited liability company, the closure procedure of startup companies is much easier.
    It attention is that entrepreneurs are natural persons, while companies are legal persons.
    The entrepreneur is a person who registered for specific activities to obtain income. Therefore, entrepreneurs are not legal entities, but only have individuals (natural persons) who perform specific work permits. Although this means that everything earlier earns belongs to him, at the same time, as a natural person, entrepreneurs have his responsibility and obligation as a company.

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