What is the trend of international gold prices in the second half of 2021?

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  1. In the past half of the year, the trend of gold prices in the past half of the year. I personally have a strong bullish. I think that if I think, he will at least rise to about $ 2,300 at the end of the year. This is a gambling, and I bet it will rise to 2,300, USD. Ask me. How is the trend? Then I. This mentality I gamble tells you that I gamble him absolutely president. It will definitely rise to about $ 2,300. Personally, I am a consciousness. You can follow this operation, and you can not follow this operation. It depends on whether you can afford it when you are sure that you can afford it when you are. It will turn 2300, this is my heart of my heart.

  2. The international gold price once exceeded 1,800 US dollars, setting the highest value since November 2011. According to CCTV Finance and Economics, the Shenzhen Shuibei Golden Gem wholesale market has decreased significantly compared with previous years, and the person in charge of sales admits that the sales of gold jewelry this year have fallen sharply compared with the previous.
    The industry insiders said that due to the impact of the epidemic, many people in the gold industry have also been impacted. The income of people under the epidemic has decreased. Due to the concerns of future uncertainty, the consumption of non -living necessities such as jewelry and other non -living necessities for gold shrinks. However, the sales of products such as gold blocks and gold coins have increased significantly.
    The industry insiders believe that the overall market risk avoidance still continues to provide fundamental support for gold prices. From a technical point of view, the current international gold price trend chart day, week, and season is in a strong market.
    Nowadays, everyone's standards for clothing, food, and transportation are very good, but different from the past, almost no one mentioned gold. In modern decorations, there are many people who choose gold in addition to watches and brand bags.
    In some people just want to buy the golden decoration design itself, some people want to preserve the value of gold through gold, or to buy some gold to express their hearts around them. Such people are indeed a rich person. Here I want to give them some small suggestions:
    No matter what everyone thinks now, please admit that today's gold industry market is hopeful. Focusing on unprecedented personal use rights, the gold market gives people a rising impression. The gold investment industry is constantly increasing influence, and the same is true of the gold recovery industry.
    What is the gold recovery price today?
    The people think that gold recycling is to recover all production costs. However, this production cost does not include in the gold recovery price, and it is necessary to understand that the recovery price is not the regeneration price.
    For financial institutions, the procedures for gold recovery are formalized and the price is transparent. Financial institutions have many regulations on gold recovery, and generally they only recover gold for buying and selling.
    If you want to sell gold, honestly, it is best to find a brand -name business with the main recycling gold. Such companies generally have a high acquisition price and lower gold recycling control rules. Generally speaking, as long as your golden purity is qualified, the gold jewelry of well -known brands can be recovered, and the whole process is very fast.
    The method of recycling gold mainly include gold recovery institutions, gold shops, pawnshops, personal brands that operate gold and silver. Gold recovery rules and acquisition prices have different regulations in different ways. Such an acquisition organization will repair the value of gold itself, and the recovery price also changes in real time based on international gold prices.
    This is a more technical and professional proposition. The price of gold recovery varies due to the different international gold prices. What needs to be known is that the price of gold is not easy to maintain. The change is different every day, this is the disadvantage of international gold prices.

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