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  1. Pisces (02/20 ~ 03/20) ----- Sea blue gemstone
    Points of personal keywords: romantic, passionate

    In legend, a group of mermaids live on the bottom of the blue sea, they Usually use sea sapphire as his own accessories to dress yourself. Once you encounter a critical moment, you only need to let the gemstone receive the sun, and you can get the mysterious power to help yourself.

    The exquisite emotions and those weak characters are always distressed. The fish belongs to the sea, and Pisces, as a famous water constellation, of course, with the "water" attributes, of course, it is in line with Pisces.
    The blue gem can not only give people courage to stabilize emotions, but this gem corresponds to the human throat wheel, which can improve the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

    Aries (03/21 ~ 04/20) ------- ruby ​​
    Aries admires an unrestrained life. Do not be held, independent and strong are all the endorsement words of Aries. They are guarded by Mars, of course, they hope to run freely on the grassland.

    has the title of "King of Gem". The hot red makes people always connect it with noble and love. Now on the wedding of the European royal family, everyone still uses ruby ​​accessories as a testimony of marriage. And "pigeon blood red" is loved by Jianbao's family. This blood -like treasure can also benefit from the internal organs, and it is naturally suitable for Aries with enthusiasm.

    The Taurus (04/21 ~ 05/21) ----- Emerald
    The impression that Taurus gives people has always been diligent, kind and warm. They were born in spring and like to live down to the ground.

    The beautiful green green conversation conveys harmonious, natural love, and a happy life. Since it is spontaneously, it has been regarded as a treasure of demons and demons. Bulls with emeralds can harvest their deserved results and wealth in the guidance.
    I. As the most unsatisfactory color, emerald is the finishing touch whether it is worn on the earlobe decoration or carving ring.

    Gemini (05/22 ~ 06/21) ----- Agate
    Gemini people love changes, but they have wisdom, but they are easy to be absent. constellation. Agate has been regarded as a symbol of happiness, beauty, and wealth since ancient times. The eclectic lines make people feel novel. Because ancient agate can make people invisible, people like to wear agate on their bodies, and their tough texture is also suitable for making all kinds of accessories.

    The twins that are easily restless, need agate to relieve their stress and tension and soothe emotions. A small agate necklace not only looks at it, but also allows Gemini to have a comfortable mood of the previous day.

    Cancer (06/22 ~ 07/22) ----- Pink crystal
    Cancer always feels fleshy, but it is difficult to say that there is a heart, always 掖Covering. This non -direct personality sometimes makes Cancer's walls. Fan Jing is quite suitable for Cancer, a weak social ability.

    This crystal has the cultural heritage that can recruit peach blossoms since ancient times. Wearing a string of pink crystal bracelets that symbolize love, you may let you meet your true emperor someday.

    Leo (07/23 ~ 08/22) ----- Amber
    Leo as the king in the animal world, proud and infinite power. Leo people are generally enthusiastic and cheerful and have strong personality, but in some cases, they lack a firm position.

    This has been a traditional jewelry worn by European nobles since ancient times, representing noble and implicit beauty. Russia's early repair has the amber Palace, which is not because of its nobility and noble health.
    A small piece of amber not only makes people resist some temptations in life, but also attracts people to the right way, thus wealthy and expensive.

    ** seat (08/23 ~ 09/23) ----- amethyst
    as a ** seat with extreme cleanliness, have you been not understood because of this? As a pursuit of perfect details, do you alienate with friends?

    . Everyone has their own lifestyle. But if you want to alleviate interpersonal relationships, the amethyst should be able to help you.
    The amethyst can calm people's moods, so that people can reconcile with friends calmly. At the same time, it also provides endless creativity. Buy a pair of amethyst earrings, or a small amethyst necklace. You may find that the colleagues who have a stiffness with you suddenly mild you a little bit.

    Libra (09/24 ~ 10/23) ----- Mattabol

    The appreciation of beauty and art in Libra has always been excellent, understanding Strong Libra can always get along well with others. But Libra is still a tangled patient.

    It at this time, they should match some elegant jewelry at this time, instead of tangling again in front of the counters for a long time, but always lacking something.
    The people are attracted by the beautiful and gentle colors of the protein and stone bracelets. As everyone knows, the special effects of this stone are the spoon of the Libra to make their advantages to the extreme.

    The Scorpio (10/24 ~ 11/22) ----- black crystal
    Scorpio always has a special interest in different things that are different and mutually inconsistent. Black represents mysterious and indifference, which reflects the small sexy of Scorpio. Black is also the lucky color of Scorpio.

    The black crystal is known as eliminating negative energy as obsidian. Usually used to avoid evil and absorb sick qi.
    The black crystal can also significantly improve Scorpio's leadership and be a king in the dark night.

    Sagittarius (11/23 ~ 12/21) ----- Green pine
    Sagittarius has a challenging spirit and can rush into an unknown field like an arrow, symbolizing human beings Exploration in unknown areas. Although there is always a fearless fear, the action is sometimes too excited.

    is also called Turkishi. It is also a very famous jade carving substrate in China. As the birthstone in December, the turquoise beads can relieve the shooter, a little more patience, and a little more likely to touch success.

    The bottle (01 /21 ~ 02 /19) ----- Obsidian
    Essentially like lonely Aquarius but also hidden the stubborn side. A pity that I can hear that the Aquarius is actually fragile in a pity that I am not a Aquarius. Her shade is sometimes elusive.

    Obsidian is called a gem that no longer crying, which can make Aquarius stop tears and settle down with peace of mind. Obsidian also has a well -known evil spirits, which makes the stubborn water bottle away from the disturbance of the demon.
    Capricorn (12/22 ~ 01/20) ----- 缟 agate
    Capricorn people have strong desire for rights and have certain leadership capabilities. But I often feel unstable. Agate is a type of agate. This kind of jewelry can make people cherish the body, strengthen courage, endurance, and make their will firmly. This time, the keen thinking of the magic scorpion was even more up to the next level.

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