4 thoughts on “What are the specialties in Xiamen, can you give your relatives and friends? How much does it cost? Thank you”

  1. Xiamen Zhu Xiu is a decorative craft with unique artistic style. It is known for its novel and unique, magnificent and glorious, and has a history of more than 100 years. There are more than 100 varieties such as pearl slippers, pearls, and bead embroidery bags. These products are shiny and eye -catching, colorful glass beads and electro -light films, using traditional craftsmanship such as convex embroidery, flat embroidery, skewers, grain embroidery, stir -embroidery, vertical needle embroidery, stacking embroidery, embroidery and shallow shallow Relief pattern. The composition of the whole pearl pattern is rigorous and dense; the half -pearl pattern is elegant and beautiful. The pearl embroidery chart "Xiamen Sea Favorte", "Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge", "Dragon and Phoenix Play Pearl", etc., have fresh composition, soft color, realistic scenery, and clear layers. Give away international friends. Pearl embroidery slippers, exquisite embroidery, generous style, diverse variety, comfortable wearing. Some upper is purely glass beads embroidered, while others are embroidered with colorful poultry flowers such as colorful beads and other colors. They are colorful, soft and comfortable, especially at night. Glory. Xiamen's pearl slippers, with their novel design, unique shapes and unique styles, they have been well received by domestic and foreign customers.

    The paint line carving is a long and unique folk crafts in Xiamen. Since the prosperity of Caimang in the Tang Dynasty, the lacquer carving has been applied to the decoration of Buddha statues. As early as hundreds of years ago, the statue of lacquer lines was reputable in China and foreign countries, exported to Southeast Asian countries. The lacquer carving is entangled with a fine lacquer thread through special production methods to wrap various golden characters and animal images, especially the traditional folk themes, such as dragon and phoenix, unicorn, cloud water, and tangling lotus. In the past, most of the lacquer line carved was limited to wooden books, lacquer baskets and drama props. In recent years, it has developed on the decoration on porcelain and glassware such as disk, bottle, furnace, etc. At present, Xiamen Arts and Crafts Factory combines the lacquer line carving with ceramics to create and produce line ceramic works. For example, the line porcelain "Zheng Chenggong" participated in the national arts and crafts exhibitions, and was selected to the exhibition in Japan to receive praise. Small lacquer line carved crafts are made of satin into box packaging. It is small and exquisite, which is easy to carry. It is a good product for travel commemorative and gifts to relatives and friends. rnrn有各种亚热带瓜果、馅饼、鱼皮花生、菩提丸、青津果、厦门珠绣、漆线雕、厦门彩塑、厦门瓷塑、香菇肉酱、厦门药酒、 The price of seafood dry goods is not expensive, there are dozens to hundreds. You choose it. I think it is good to give the seafood dry goods. The practical economy.

  2. The lacquer line carving is too fake. Who will buy the lacquer line carving to send people, it is expensive and heavy. I am in Xiamen. Generally, small things are bought by Gulangyu. Fruit, buy in the supermarket. The pork jerky is also quite good. It is recommended to be golden incense. There are fish skin peanuts, delicious. These are cheap.
    The rice dumplings are also delicious. Recommended soil bamboo shoots, features. Peanut soup, oyster fried, and sand tea noodles are good, but your relatives and friends can’t eat it.

  3. I just came back from Xiamen on May Day. The things I brought were drumstoms, coconut shell crafts, slate carving, shell crafts, tea plums, Golden Gate kitchen knife (cut to a set of 50 yuan) ... Very expensive, you can chartered the car to the small commodity market on Da Cheng Island to see, the tax exemption from things below 3,000 yuan

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