6 thoughts on “Is it best to buy jewelry in Wuhan from Hanzheng Street? Are there any other products that are rich in and cheap wholesale markets?”

  1. This depends on what level of products you want to do and what kind of crowd facing. I think the sources of small shops selling jewelry in general are all on Hanzheng Street. If you want to sell things with your own characteristics, you can purchase goods from Taobao, and then you can also look at it on a website like fun. Things, and then find the seller online to buy. You can also enter a little interesting thing when traveling in a foreign country, and even sell fun things by yourself, so that the store should be interesting and the business will be good

  2. Why! If the facade of Hanzheng Street is cheaper, then I can be a wholesale on Hanzheng Street,
    I now mainly want to provide my goods on the shops on Hanzheng Street. If you want to buy, you can find me. Definitely cheaper than those shops, the same price, quality is definitely better than them, and the style is very new! There are not many goods in my hand now. Because they are all samples, there are still retail stores!
    I on Wusheng Road, you can watch the goods in person! Hope to be your supplier!
    Itta other in person! Intersection

  3. Alibaba! Hanzheng Street is purchased from Yiwu or Guangzhou. After several transitions, the price is very high. It is better to go directly to Ali to find a manufacturer or a large wholesaler.
    The hair ornament is more famous for girls, Korean ears, pendant bracelets, Kangli jewelry and Xinduang jewelry are all okay

  4. Hanzheng Street in Wuhan can be said to be the most concentrated area of ​​small commodities wholesale and retail. There are also many accessories, fair prices, can also be bargain, and the classification is very thin.

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