How about doing natural shell business? Thank you

The shell collection may be more opportunities at first, and they are more interested in these. I hope Bei Shang or friends who know it actually introduce it.

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  1. Sea manufacturers, including seafood shells, dried plant branches of seafood, crustacean shells, and other seafood crafts with ornamental value. Sea industry crafts have always been loved. For example, colorful, diverse, and various beautiful shells are often fascinating. With the improvement of living standards, people's furnishings have become higher and higher in the furnishings of home and halls, living rooms, aquariums, etc. Many people are willing to spend money to spend money to use various seafood crafts to arrange environmental species and living rooms. At the expense of the "alternative commodity" seafood crafts, the market is increasingly increasing in the market. It is understood that at present, there are not many seafood use of various kinds of seed players, and shell craft shops are not many in major cities along the coast. They are still in a bud, so the market potential is quite large. The investment of seafood stores is on the shells that are not noticeable, which can be described as unique perspective; and the valuable shells into decorative paintings can be said to be unique. Shell Introduction: There are so many shellfish in the world, which can be divided into two types: terrestrial and aquatic categories. Among them, the marine shellfish in the aquatic category account for more than 80 % of the total shellfish. The vast marine world has bred a weird marine life. The marine shellfish is one of the most charming creatures. The marine shellfish is essentially software animals. Five parts: capsules, coats and shells. There are many types of shellfish and different shapes. According to the characteristics and structure of its shell shape, it can be divided into five categories. Such as abdominal foot, including: snails, conch, and meter snails. Most of them are a shell, which are twisted in a spiral; double shells, clams, oysters, and scallops. Symposium; head and foot class. Including squid, nautilus, and octopus. This type has a shell, and most of them are wrapped in the shell into the coat to form inner shells. Or degenerate and disappear; the multi -board shells are as many as 8 pieces, which are called shell boards; only one shell is digging, the shell is forward, the membrane surface is curved, and it is shallow. Among the five categories, the first two types are more than 80-90%. The latter three categories, especially the multi -board, and the variety of footsteps, in terms of variety or shape, far less than the first two categories. The typical shell has three layers of structure: the outer layer has a mass layer, and the inside contains angle substances, called shellin, is a hard protein, which is resistant to inattent acid; The shape of the vermiculite is very glorious, called the pearl layer. The outer layer and the middle layer are secreted by the edge of the back of the outer membrane, and the inner layer is secreted by the entire surface of the coat. Calcium carbonate of shells accounts for 95%, and other ingredients include magnesium, iron, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and silicate, and a small amount of shellin and other organic matter. Some shells do not necessarily have three layers of structures. For example, there are no stratum corneums in the river shells, and squid and gun squid only has the inner shell. The structure is equivalent to the prism layer or stratum corneum. Many beautiful shells are colorful, with gorgeous patterns on the strange shape. Some shells are like buckets or hats; some are gyro -like, cone -like, pagoda -like, discs; some are like horn. The size of the shell is very different, such as the sorer snail (also known as Xiaomi snail) that the body is only 0.03 mm; the largest shell is 1.8 meters long and the weight can reach about 500 catties. Shellfish, as many as 100,000 species in shape; in terms of color, it includes almost all natural colors; as far as the patterns are concerned, it is even more beautiful. It can be said that 120,000 kinds of shells have changed in 120,000 kinds of shells.

  2. Now wearing shell jewelry is very popular, or shell crafts in the home are green and environmentally friendly. Now it is the best choice to start making shell crafts. With the continuous development of science and technology, human understanding of objective substances is constantly deepening. Essence In Japan, which is developed in high -tech, after many years of joint efforts of many scientific research institutions such as Chafelz Co., Ltd. and eight households, it finally developed the inner wall of shell powder with deep sea fan shell as the main raw material. Once the product came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the decoration material industry in the interior wall of Japan and the world. For a while, the product swept Japan and some developed western countries, becoming a new fashion for indoor decoration. The special production process and formula of this product also obtained the Japanese national patent. From the perspective of my country's market demand, the market space of Youbei ecological shell powder is very large. With the rapid development of my country's economy, its market prospects are unlimited. First of all, the shadow of the financial crisis worldwide has not been completely faded. In order to completely get rid of the influence of the financial crisis and ensure the development of my country's economy, China has increased its efforts to launch domestic consumption needs. It is necessary to increase the construction of urban and rural residents' housing construction and make the residential construction of urban and rural residents a another growth point for my country's economic development. Relevant national departments also proposed that during the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period, the residential area of ​​urban residents across the country should be increased by 5 square meters. Based on the national population of 500 million, during the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period, the national residential area was increased at least 1.5 billion square meters. Secondly, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people in our country, the people's demands that the housing conditions and the voices of the living environment are getting higher and higher. Judging from the sales of the real estate industry across the country, the majority of urban residents have a steel demand for housing and commercial housing. Although the country has recently introduced policies and measures to suppress the rising of housing prices, it is still difficult to prevent real estate land hoarding and building housing trends, and it is difficult to reverse housing prices, especially the rapid rise in housing prices in second- and third -tier cities. Third, as the state encourages the continuous deepening of the rural population to transfer to small and medium -sized cities, and more than 20 million migrant workers pour into large and medium -sized cities each year, the result not only increases the population population in the country rapidly, but also promotes the rapid development of urban and housing construction across the country. Essence Throughout the cities and towns across the country, the new buildings have sprung up, and the construction of communities everywhere. Coupled with the renovation of urban shantytowns, rural mud house transformation, etc., the scale of residential construction of urban and rural residents in my country has increased significantly every year. In summary, under the encouragement of national policies and the promotion of the steel nature of the masses, our real estate industry will have at least ten to fifteen years of high -speed development time. The rapid development of the real estate industry directly promotes the development of the building materials industry, especially the inner wall decoration materials. These all provide broad prospects for the development of ecological, environmentally friendly, and healthy building inner wall decoration materials.

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