Gold jewelry mybaby meaning in Chinese

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  1. The certificate is only responsible for the sample. The product coding is that the internal logo cannot find normal
    The general precious metal jewelry labeling material, gold content, template number, the ring has diameter
    The national precious metal names have no thousands of sufficient money, thousands of sufficient gold, and thousands of gold. Generally use AU999 or 24K to identify
    Is to ask for invoices to see the invoice name
    The gold has fallen again in the last week, which is still more than ten yuan lower than the aunt in 2013
    2014 11 On the 20th, the transaction price was around 232 yuan, the gold jewelry was about 270 yuan, the investment of 241 yuan, and the recovery of 215 yuan. ;
    Ifight to beware of the "Xingbang" case and the golden Jiajia illegal fundraising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, despise some helping administrators

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