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Collecting the task card, is it right to exchange things? I see a demonstration map on the official website that can be exchanged for Crystal M4A1 -A, can I change other weapons or props?

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  1. There is a card to complete the daily task. The card is randomly system. When you integrate all cards, you can exchange for 7 days of gold AK. And with the cumulative task, a gun will be sent! Hope to adopt!

  2. Cross -line CF4.2 version: Newly launched daily task system!

    It players can get various rewards in the game as long as they complete simple tasks every day. The more tasks you have completed, the better the reward you get.

    1. task time settings:

    The first day of each month, the progress of all daily tasks will be reset, and the statistics of the zero -monthly month are cleared.

    06:00 daily will reset the daily task of the day.

    2. Task gift:

    each time the daily task is completed, the corresponding gift will be obtained.

    The players will have better gifts for 5 times/10 times/15 times/20 times within that month.

    3. Card system:

    The will get a random card after each completion of the task.
    4. Task rules:

    The daily task data can only be statistics at the end of the game at the end of the game.

    The team competitive mode, the number of rooms with a number of enemies of more than 100 or more or more for the game time is only performed.

    The personal competitive mode, the number of killing enemies is more than 25 or the game time is more than 10 minutes.

    This will not be counted in the game withdrawing from the room.

    The biochemical mode will not participate in data statistics for the time being.

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