Answer: How to maintain gold jewelry

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  1. 1. Wash the jewelry regularly. The sweat and oil produced by the human body will damage the gloss of gold, so pay attention to cleaning gold jewelry when wearing it everyday. The frequency can be once on a week. Otherwise, sweat will corrode gold in the long run, causing gold to slowly turn gold.
    Igly, it is recommended to send it back to the jewelry shop for professional cleaning and after -sales after being worn for a period of time. The after -sales service of Ji Duo Jewelry is free!

    2, wear gold after makeup. This is not just gold. Any jewelry should do this. Because there are many chemicals in cosmetics, including perfume, it will cause corrosion to jewelry. So try not to let cosmetics come into contact with gold.

    3, do not wear a gold necklace to sleep. Many people are unwilling to pick them up after bringing jewelry, and they will wear it while sleeping. In fact, this approach is wrong. Because gold is softer, wearing gold during sleep may cause pulling gold, causing gold to deformation or even break, and gold has always been in contact with human skin. Sweat and fat will erode gold, causing the golden color to be dim. In the evening, you are resting, and you can also take off your gold jewelry for them to rest ~

    The daily attention to the above points to prevent your gold jewelry from turning black. Even if you change color, don't be afraid, Yiduo Jewelry will provide you with professional maintenance services after sale!

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