5 thoughts on “A pair of new couples in Fujian is married, and the bride is full of gold jewelry. What period does such customs originate?”

  1. When you get married, you buy the customs. In fact, many of the things you buy are hardware, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants (all sizes are included in five), diamond rings, and men's rings. Most girls choose diamond rings. In Fujian, many people in Fujian are doing golden business. It is normal. There are gold shops at home. The customs of north and south are different from me. A friend in the south asked me to buy that kind of flower wedding series, and it looked very special to get married. Most of my friends in the north come to me to choose a solid and simple model, but girls can choose to get married as much as possible hahaha anyway, can be exchanged in the future ~ Fujian, marriage is gold bracelet, the size and weight depending on their economic conditions.
    Actually, you don't have to send it. If the relationship is particularly intimate, want to bless you, give birthday gifts and the like, don't think about small jewelry or lipstick. Don't be too expensive, don't keep with me all the time. Why is it just engaged. What if it is not successful? Seeing what you posted is really disturbing. Traditional three gold generally refers to: gold necklace, gold earrings, gold ring. But before, it was still hardware. "Hardware" refers to necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and ankles. At present, many domestic jewelry brands have a special wedding series, with beautiful styles and many choices. The married couple can choose according to their own economic situation. After all, gold preservation is also good to be passed on to the next generation!
    In fact, in my personal opinion, [Gold Ring] Now most newcomers will not choose a gold ring, thinking that gold will be a bit old -fashioned and not popular! That's because you don't choose the right style ~ It is recommended to choose a small and exquisite ring, you can get married with a Chinese dress or He Xiu. It is also very delicate to wear, and the utilization rate suddenly improves. Bride: In my impression, the gold ring is a square ring worn by grandparents. When I looked at Wangyue Jewelry counter, there were still very delicate items. When encountering the event, it reduced 80 yuan per gram. It is about 1,000 to buy one, which is very cost -effective.

  2. Marriage is a major event in life, so you must not be ambiguous for the wedding. You must do it properly as a body. After all, in the current human society, especially in some important details in the wedding, it will also become others. The talks after tea, so it is not difficult to find that many families can do their best to make the wedding office.
    In fact, it is not difficult to find many newcomers on many weddings. They are not only dressed brightly, especially for brides. Such a high -profile luxury.
    Recently, some netizens posted a photo of a wedding scene on the Internet. Through the photos, you can see that the bride's body is covered with golden jewelry. Whether it is the neck or hands, this is just like a model on the show, and when the bride walks on the banquet, these gold jewelry will also make a bidding sound in the collision of each other. Such a luxurious scene has to be surprised to the owner's ability to have such money. And the bride can wear these noble gold jewelry on such an important occasion, not only looks so luxurious and noble, but also becomes the most striking focus of the audience.
    The netizens have also sent their own comments. They think that these gold jewelry is true and false, and they really need to verify. Come back, I just chose to act as a scene on this important day. But in any case, the bride still became the most dazzling focus of the audience that day. I believe that this moment must also be the most unforgettable high time in her life.

    In fact, in many developed coastal areas in my country, when the bride is married, parents will prepare many gold and silver jewelry for them to entrust their parents deeply to their children's children. Blessings, I also hope that the children can have a better macro prospects after the business of the city.

    . Although the bride looks more luxurious to wear gold and silver, no matter what life, there is always a sense of ritual, these are the best wishes to the marriage of marriage Essence

  3. Such a score should originate from ancient times. In fact, all gold jewelry should be worn on the body, that is, to show that the mother's family has a special force, and there are many family members, it is also to let the groom do not bully the bride in the future.

  4. Such customs originated in ancient times, because this is a custom left by the older generation, and everyone must comply with this rule, so we must look at it rationally,

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